Quintessential New England

Rechelle created 'Quintessential New England' as an outlet through which she could share her love of all things New England, obsession with country style that is distinctly Australian in flavour and colourful, vintage-inspired yet eclectically modern design love.

Having worked in policy and legal professions since University, in Sydney and Canberra, Rechelle decided it was time to express her more artistic side and share her passion for interior decorating, art, fashion, and possibly a story or two about running her country Hotel.

Rechelle’s loves playing with the gorgeous men in her life James (2) and Hamish (9 months), spending time with her handsome and hard working husband Allistair, dreaming up new menus for her country pub kitchen, scouring old wares shops, eating pancakes on Sundays, quoting Coco Chanel (even if only to herself) and dreaming of a holiday in France.... it will happen.

Most recently moving back to the New England region, to Barraba from Canberra (apparently we like towns with two r's in them!) she now lives in a rambling old country hotel, The Commercial Hotel est. 1890, with big dreams for its resurgence to the days of old when a hotel was a meeting place where families and friends came to enjoy each others company as much as the beverages.

Welcome and Enjoy xx Shell
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